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The super fund that you choose to have your money invested in could have a significant impact on your retirement. 

New research by the McKell Institute* compared investment returns of retail (bank owned) super funds with industry super funds from 1987 to 2013. The research found that members who invested their money with a retail super fund may have to work up to eight years longer, in order to retire with the same amount of superannuation as those who invested their money with an industry super fund like Vision Super.

Vision Super CEO Stephen Rowe says that the findings provide more evidence that industry funds are doing the right thing for their members. “Vision Super is run only to benefit members, which means we don’t pay commissions to our staff and our profits go to our members. The net result of this is that there are more retirement benefits for our members.”

“As a top performing super fund, our main aim is to help our members reach their retirement goals, not provide profits for shareholders”.

For the year ending 30 June 2014, Vision Super delivered exceptional investment performance with double digit returns and a top 5 ranking# for the Balanced Growth option. For more information on our investment performance click here.  


  * The Success of Representative Governance on Superannuation Boards, The McKell Institute, June 2014

  # As ranked in the 30 June 2014 Fund Crediting Rate Survey by SuperRatings, an independent super research company that reviews and rates more than 450 super and pension products

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