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Vision Super Australia focuses on the long-term when it comes to managing members’ super. 

Recently share markets locally and overseas have experienced falls (especially the Tuesday 29 September's fall of almost $60 billion or 4 per cent by value in the Australian Share market). This has been an understandable cause for concern and anxiety for Vision Super members.

Vision Super CEO Stephen Rowe is urging calm. 

 “Significant daily movements on share markets are not uncommon. Daily changes of at least 3 per cent have occurred fifteen times since the Global Financial Crisis in 2009.”

“While markets move up and down on a daily basis and volatility in some periods is greater than others, superannuation investment is always about the longer-term.”

Vision Super employs a long-term investment approach, well diversified across a broad range of asset classes and options. We don’t place all our eggs in the one basket.

In aggregate, Vision Super has 22 per cent of funds invested in local shares, 23 per cent in global shares, 22 per cent in unlisted assets (9 per cent in infrastructure and 7 per cent in unlisted property, 6 per cent in unlisted equities), 5 per cent in absolute return style assets, 13 per cent in Australian and international bonds and the remainder in cash.

Vision Super fund members should be assured that their super savings are invested in well diversified portfolios that are directed at maximising long-term returns. For those close to retirement or those who have particular concerns, they should contact our staff who will be very happy to assist.

Historically, other retail and especially SMSF funds hold less diversified investment allocations. In the current circumstances, these allocations may lead to poorer performance over the short, medium and longer term.

A key reason Vision Super can outperform its retail competitors is that it owns and develops essential infrastructure and other unlisted assets, consistent with a diversified, patient and long-term approach to allocating capital.

To speak to Vision Super about your super, please contact our Member Services team on 9911 3222, or 1300 300 820 if you're calling from a regional area. 

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