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Vision Super has an obligation to our members to grow their retirement savings over time and we aim to do so sustainably across all our investment options.

 In a further development to offer sustainable superannuation solutions for members, we have launched a new low-cost Sustainable balanced investment option.

The Sustainable balanced option specifically seeks to invest in companies that are considered sustainability leaders, while also screening out companies with material exposure to controversial weapons, fossil fuel exploration and production.

Vision Super is committed to abiding by our environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy, and demands that our investment managers incorporate ESG considerations into their investment decisions.

Recognised as a leader in the industry, we’ve been tackling the ESG issues for a number of years and will continue to do so.

Our actions have included moving our international shares index portfolio to the global MSCI Low Carbon index, moving our Australian shares index portfolio to the IFM low carbon index, terminating investment managers heavily invested in fossil fuels and replacing them with low-carbon managers, investing in renewables - like the Vision Super Wonthaggi Wind farm, and voting in favour of sensible climate resolutions at annual company general meetings.

We are responsible investors and consider ESG risks as part of our investment approach across all of our investments.

The Sustainable balanced option invests in a mix of growth and defensive assets and has a 70/30 growth/defensive strategic asset allocation. This option is managed passively* and is available to members of Vision Personal.


*What is passive investing?

The Sustainable balanced option is passively invested. Vision Super has built a portfolio that closely mimics the performance of market indices. This is the opposite of active investing, which is building a portfolio that is different from a market index in an attempt to outperform it, and comes with higher costs.

Passive investing keeps your fees low, and that’s what Vision Personal Sustainable balanced is all about. We believe that by keeping fees low you’ll benefit in the long run.

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