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Now that computers are understanding normal conversations with increasing ease, chatbots are becoming increasingly helpful.

They help improve a customer's experience by making it easier to receive fast replies to common questions on specific areas of knowledge and can easily connect you to online content. Chatbots simulate human conversation through text and artificial speech, sometimes called "Natural language processing".

Interesting fact: The word "ChatterBot" was originally coined by Michael Mauldin in 1994 to describe conversational computer programs. It was later shortened to “chatbot”. Michael created Julia, a Verbot (which stood for verbal robot), for the Windows operating system and the web.

If you shop or book holidays online, you've probably met chatbots already. A chatbot designed to help Tennis Australia directly sell tickets to the Australian Open via social media chalked up 170 per cent more conversions than its traditional go-to-market model1. And the ABC’s chatbot interacted with over 70,000 people in its first month2!

Introducing Alice

We'll be shortly introducing you to Vision Super's very own chatbot called "Alice". Alice will be living at soon, and will be available to you though Google’s Assistant on Google Home devices and Android phones. She has been ‘trained’ by drawing on the expertise and knowledge of our financial planners, superannuation consultants and the insurance team. She can answer general superannuation questions and queries.

We’re always looking at ways to improve how we communicate with you. Alice will offer you another option. If you have a question and don’t want to send an email or pick up the phone, our virtual assistant will be able to help.


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