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Buying a decent Kris Kringle present for a workmate can seem like an impossible task. Take a look at our great ideas for your work Kris Kringle that are stylish, and all under the $10 or $15 price limit of most workplaces.


For the sweet-tooth

Stylish sweets for that workmate who is always caught raiding the lolly jar, we suggest something like these fancy jelly beans.


For the social media addict

Why not get them a new novelty profile picture? For as little as $6.69 you can have your co-worker drawn as a Lego person or a Simpsons character, South Park character, super hero or even in a photo as a Disney princess (just put it on a USB stick so you have something to wrap up and put in the pile!).


For the tech-head

Is your co-worker is a bit of a tech head who’s always juggling three phones, a tablet and a smart watch? This magic all in one cable will let them charge any of their latest gadgets has gone flat, without carrying around a big mess of cords.


For the baker

For your favourite colleague - the one who is always bringing baked treats into the office, how about these beautiful copper coloured cookie cutters that come with a recipe for traditional Swedish gingerbread?


For the book worm

Did you draw the name of a colleague who always has their nose in a book? Check out this phone case that makes them feel like they’re the star author.


For the office

How about a water bottle? Or, if your workplace is one where all the kitchen teaspoons disappear, perhaps a personalised spoon with your Kris Kringle’s name on it could be even better.



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