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Did you know, by the second week of February, around 80% of new year’s resolutions fail? Don’t let your ‘get your super sorted’ resolution be one of them because it’s easier to achieve than you think.

Here are our five tips to get your new year’s resolution completed with plenty of the year to spare.


Find out who your super fund is

Before you get anything sorted, you’ll need to know where your super is.

  • Check your payslip to see where your employer is paying your super
  • Refer to any emails or letters you might have received from your super fund
  • Using your myGov account, link the ATO to find your super fund(s) using your Tax File Number

If you’re looking for a new super fund, consider Vision Super. It takes 90 seconds to join online and we can find your other super funds and transfer them to your new account.


Combine your super accounts

Having all your super in one account means you’re not paying fees to multiple super funds. For Vision Super members, it only takes a few clicks to combine your super with Vision Online, our secure member site.

Before transferring your super be sure to check for exit fees and if any insurance associated with these accounts may also be cancelled.


See how you’re tracking

Do you know how money you have in super and how it’s growing? You’re not alone if you don’t! Research shows that 40% of Australians don’t know their super balance.

If you’re a Vision Super member, checking your balance is as easy as logging into Vision Online. You can view account transactions, review investments options, and check that you have enough insurance cover to meet your needs.


Contribute to your super

There are two ways to contribute to your super – salary sacrifice and after tax contributions.

Salary sacrifice involves making contributions to your super from your before-tax salary. You can arrange salary sacrifice contributions through your payroll department.

After-tax contributions are either one-off or ongoing contributions made from your post-tax income, such as through BPAY or direct debit.

Learn more about contributions here.


Keep informed

Now that you’ve taken all these positive steps to achieve your super resolution, keep it up!

  • Ensure your super fund has your correct contact details
  • Log in and check your account regularly
  • Follow your super fund on social media and check your emails to keep informed with their news

If only all new year’s resolutions were this easy to achieve. For more articles to help you stay financially informed, head to Vision Super’s Lifestyle news.

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