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There are plenty of ways to travel besides hopping on a plane or going on a road trip. If you’re planning a holiday and looking to do something a little different, it might be worth checking out these unique options.


1. Freighter Cruise

Just when you think you couldn’t get a more slow-paced holiday than a cruise ship, a couple of companies now give travellers the chance to experience freighter cruises.

Experience life on board a freighter ship, mixing with the captain and the officers, sleeping in bunk beds, and not having to dress up for dinner. You’ll have plenty of time to read books, stare at the ocean, study a language, and see ports and routes less travelled.

Check out Australian based freighter cruise company Freighter Expeditions for more information.


2. Vintage Airstream trailers

Airstream trailers have made a comeback. They’ve been refitted with all the modern comforts and can be hired for a road trip or stayed in at an Airstream hotel.

Airstream hotels can be found all over the world, right in the heart of Tokyo, the Pyranees mountains, and even a Melbourne rooftop.


3. Glamping

Glamping has taken Australia by storm, and we can understand why. Three course meals, plump pillows and electricity – all while enjoying the great outdoors.

What is it? It’s camping that’s glamorous. It’s breathing fresh air, appreciating nature and escaping normal life – but with high quality, spacious tents, beds and food that hasn’t come from a tin or an esky.

There’s no need to pack and repack the car, or clean up afterwards – because you can book your stay, rock up to your glamp site, and leave the mess behind.

Find out more about glamping in Australia here.


4. Amazing Race

Imagine a down-to-earth version of the Amazing Race, where you are told where to go when you wake up, and do daring challenges along the way. Large minority run adventure challenges that support local communities and have travellers competing against each other to earn points.

The company run tuk tuk challenges in Sri Lanka and Cambodia, sailing adventures in the Philippines, and jungle adventures in the Amazon.


5. Remote desert island getaway

Fancy being dropped on a desert island and being left to fend for yourself? Doncastaway can make it happen (and teach you how to survive). If survival mode is not your idea of a holiday, they also have more leisurely options available, with villas and resorts.


6. Fly over Antarctica

If you’re looking for a unique day trip, consider a sightseeing flight over the beautiful white continent. You can see all the ice while staying warm and comfortable with a hot meal and full bar service.


7. See the world from space

We don’t quite know when flights to space will be available, or what they will cost, but the idea of space travel is just so intriguing that we couldn’t not give it a mention. We’re eagerly awaiting more information from Sir Richard Branson and his company, Virgin Galactic



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