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Retirement used to be a sharp and sudden change – one day you were working, the next you were sitting at home with the rest of your life ahead of you. Today, you have options to help you achieve a seamless transition into retirement, and a flexible lifestyle when you get there.


After years of working, retirement is your chance to spend time doing what you love, and not calculating how much of your super lump sum you can spend week to week.


What is an income stream?

An income stream is a way to receive a regular income from your super, while it stays invested and working for you.

Vision Super have two types of income streams that you may be eligible to apply for.

  • The Vision Non-commutable Account based pension, for if you are still working and have reached your preservation age.
  • The Vision Super Account based pension, for if you have retired and reached your preservation age, (or retired through total and permanent disability, or are aged at least 65).


What are the benefits of an income stream?

Aside from convenience, income streams have some clear benefits.

  • An income stream can be used to supplement your income – whether that’s helping you live more comfortably on the government Age Pension, or boosting your income if you’ve reduced your working hours as you near retirement.
  • Depending on your age and working status, income streams can also be tax advantageous – as savings and earnings on Vision Allocated Pensions are tax-free.
  • Your pension account is invested with Vision Super, and just like your Vision Super Saver or Vision Personal account, you can choose which of our 11 investment options your super is invested in.
  • You can withdraw lump sums from your Allocated Pension at any time once you permanently retire from age 60, or age 65 if you’re still working.
  • Your pension will be passed on to your nominated beneficiaries when you die.


How do you start an income stream?

If you’re keen to experience the freedom of an income stream in retirement, you can find out more about Vision Income streams here. You can also discuss your options with a Vision Super financial planner.



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