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Starting a new job can be both exciting and daunting. While it’s a chance to start afresh, learn new skills and meet new people, it can be tough being new and learning the ropes. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you ease into your new workplace, feel confident, and most of all, comfortable.


Start off on the right foot

You’re coming into your new job energised and motivated, so why not use this energy to change any bad habits from your last job? No one at your new workplace knows you used to have a messy desk, or a terrible filing system!


Do some homework

Learn about your new employer and the people you’ll be working with. All it takes is a quick Google or LinkedIn search to find out about any recent achievements of your new organisation, or the professional backgrounds of some of your work colleagues. It will help you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and remember names.


Good house keeping

Your written job description can help you when preparing for a performance review, requesting a change of title, or negotiate if your role is evolving into something you didn’t expect. Keep a copy of your job description, and if you don’t have one, request one. If you don’t get one, draft one yourself and get it approved by your boss.


Adapt and observe

Does your new boss look more stressed in the morning? Do they act differently following or in the lead up to certain meetings or events? Learn about the habits of the people around you, their body language, their stresses, and the best time to approach them.


Prepare for everything

Get your outfit or uniform ready the night before, pack a note pad and a pen, a snack (just in case there’s no time for a break) and plan your commute. Some of these steps might end up being unnecessary, but it will probably help you get a good night’s rest and relax, knowing that you’re prepared for anything.


Ask questions

You’re the newbie, so play the newbie card and ask questions to learn as much as you can. You should be given time and resources to learn the ropes. If you’re promised training and it’s not delivered, follow up – and let them know you’re keen to learn to do your job properly.


Help yourself get paid

Bring your tax file number, Vision Super account and bank details, so your super and pay can be arranged as soon as your employer is ready. To take your Vision Super account with you to your new job, simply fill out this form and give it to your new payroll officer.


Some tips from the Vision Super office

We asked some Vision Super employees if they had any tips to share:


“I use the ‘honeymoon period’ to seek more information than is provided for each task and I keep tons of notes to use as a knowledge base. I also try to make small talk with someone new each day for the first few weeks.”  

Michelle, Business Systems Analyst

“Research the company well – it always works! Know your strengths and weaknesses & listen before you speak.” Neha, Member Services consultant

“Be punctual, adaptive, flexible and proactive. I also recommend trying to build key relationships and seeking a mentor.” Adi, Business Development Manager

“Listen and learn.” Lauren, Manager Marketing and Communications

“Roll your sleeves up and have a go. Ask questions when you are not sure, but definitely give everything a go.” Sean, General Manager Strategy and Growth

Good luck! We hope the new job goes well and that you take Vision Super with you wherever you go, from now to retirement.


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