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Staying active doesn’t have to stop once you’ve retired. By taking a holistic approach to self-care, you are covering all the bases – being physically fit and looking after your mental health.  

Physical exercise

No longer working, or working less means your incidental exercise has reduced so it’s important to start making a conscious effort to get off the couch, turn the devices off and get out and moving. To help you here are some exercise tips:

  • Walking – make it a social event and catch up with friends and get fit together. Walking promotes heart health and a chance to explore your neighbourhood.
  • Relaxation – daily yoga practice can increase flexibility, mobility and increase a positive mindset.
  • Gardening – sometimes it can be as simple as pulling out some weeds or pruning the roses. Even better if you have a green thumb.

Increase your mental a-game:

Mental health once had a small role in looking after yourself, however, it’s now as important as physical activity, especially with the increase in the number of Australian’s suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. So, if you find that you aren’t interacting with others as much as you used to when you were working, make sure you give yourself a reason to ‘get out of the house’. Have lunch at your local café or check-out a book from your local library and read it in the park. Other ways to get out and about include:

  • Get a pet – having a dog is the perfect excuse to go for a walk outside. Or if you prefer low maintenance companionship birds, fish and even cats are self-sufficient, offering plenty of love.
  • Socialise – head down to your local recreation centre and make new friends. Many councils offer free activities for seniors so get in touch with your local council today.
  • Embrace technology – don’t know your Apple from your Samsung? What’s a Facebook? There are plenty of courses for seniors to get up to speed with today’s technological advances.
  • Back to school – in 2012 Australia’s oldest university student graduated at the age of 97 from Southern Cross University. Prove you are never too old to learn new tricks, keep your mind active with a topic you are passionate about.

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