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With the flu season nearly upon us, prevention is key to making it through the coming months, especially if you catch public transport or have children.

How to avoid catching the flu this winter

While you can’t help if someone is coughing near you, you can take these precautions to slow down or stop germs in their tracks.

Wash your hands. We all know that washing your hands regularly helps prevent the spread of germs, but you may not always have a tap nearby. To ensure you’re never caught out, always keep some hand sanitiser nearby wherever you go.

Get enough sleep. Not having enough sleep will affect your body’s ability to work at its full capacity and fight off germs.

Annual immunisations. Better Health, an Australian government website recommends for all people aged from 6 months to get vaccinated. The vaccine is not full-proof but it does provide an extra level of protection and can reduce flu symptoms.


If you got unlucky, there’s no denying the unmistakable symptoms of body ache, fever and dry cough. The best way to avoid spreading it is to stay at home while you’re unwell and avoid visiting busy public places such as school or work.

If you’re coughing, keep a tissue handy or if you don’t have one, cough into your sleeve or elbow. Avoid coughing straight onto your hand and you’ll minimise the spread of germs through touch, especially if you can’t access a tap to wash your hands.

Generally, flu is managed by:

  • resting in bed
  • drinking plenty of fluids (particularly water). Try to drink a glass of fluid, such as water, every hour while you are awake
  • taking over-the-counter anti-viral medication to help relieve symptoms
  • nutritious, immunize-boosting foods. Think bone broths, garlic, turmeric, antioxidant-rich berries and leafy greens to help get you through.

And if ginger and chicken soup takes your fancy, throw that on the menu too.

The best way to avoid catching the flu is to keep good hygiene and take care of yourself by listening to your body and eating well. While you have the flu, make sure to stay at home, and remember your doctor or pharmacist can always help.


Better Health:

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