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As an animal lover, your life quickly becomes incomplete without the friendship of your furry four-legged friend. They are fantastic company, provide unconditional love and teach us compassion. Adding to their incredible charm is the many benefits of owning a pet on a person’s health and wellbeing.

Pets reduce stress and anxiety

Hearing a cat’s purr or feeling your dog tucked up against your feet is guaranteed to make you feel secure, so it’s no surprise that your pet helps in alleviating your stress and anxiety. Your four-legged friend can also reduce feelings of loneliness and be a source of comfort. Patting your pet or just being near them can immediately make you feel better, even reduce your blood pressure and improve your heart health1!

Pets boost your fitness

The benefits of exercise aren’t new to anyone. When you’re active you’re simultaneously improving your physical and mental health, all the while reducing stress. This is why attaching your dog’s lead and going for daily walks is so beneficial. Walks and activities will get you outside, breathing that fresh air and appreciating the goings on in your neighbourhood.

Pets boost your mood

Your biggest fan in the world is your pet who loves you unconditionally. They show how excited they are when you get home with a purr or wagging tail, and are non-judgmental and agenda-free. They just love you, no matter what, and as a result your self-esteem is boosted. This love has a domino effect, it improves your mood, which then improves your confidence.

Pets boost immunity

Children who grow up around pets have a reduced risk of developing allergies to cats, dogs, dust mites, short ragweed and blue grass2. Research suggests that early exposure to the bacteria pets carry helps their immune systems early, so that they can resist allergies later.

Don’t forget pets are a big responsibility and can be expensive so contact your local shelter first so they can connect you with a wonderful animal. Not only can they bring you happiness, they’ll also bring you and your family better health.


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