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None of us ever want to get sick, but unfortunately at one time or another, we do. Getting a second medical opinion ensures that you get diagnosed correctly and receive the most appropriate treatment.

Why a second opinion is important
  • You might be diagnosed with an illness but don’t feel confident. A second opinion may lead to an alternative diagnosis.
  • If you’ve been recommended serious but non-emergency surgery such as tumour removals, hysterectomies and heart bypasses, there often are alternative procedures you can try first. Another doctor could recommend another treatment plan
  • One doctor may not have all the answers, but drawing on the knowledge of one (or more) will build your confidence and ensure you’re on the right path

Don’t worry about the specialist taking it personally when you source a second opinion – most will encourage it and often people seek third opinions. Fully understanding your diagnosis and treatment plan is the only way you can feel confident moving forward.

Finding another specialist after you’ve heard some difficult news may seem overwhelming and time consuming, but getting a second opinion is easier to get than ever before.

Best Doctors

If you hold eligible cover under Vision Super, you have access to Best Doctors - a unique service that gives members and their family access to a global network of more than 50,000 medical specialists to seek advice or a second medical opinion.

Key benefits
  • You can use Best Doctors at any time and won’t need to be claiming on your insurance.
  • Available to you and your family – children, parents, partner and partner’s parents.
  • Convenient, virtual access to leading specialists for a second medical opinion. No need to travel, book appointments or take time off work
  • Expertise and knowledge of an independent specialist helps members and their treating doctors agree on the best way forward.
  • Completely confidential – no information is shared with Vision Super or MLC Life Insurance and using the service won’t affect the assessment of a claim
  • Support for mental health conditions with the Mental Health Navigator service – providing access to leading Australian clinical psychologists and psychiatrists and a dedicated mental health nurse.

Be proactive when getting a second opinion. Ask the hard questions and make sure you understand what’s going on. Put yourself in a position where you can weigh all the options and make clear decisions about your healthcare.

To benefit from Best Doctors, visit for more information or call us on 1300 300 820

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