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It could be the beginning of the year, or you’re feeling the mid-year hump and seeing the public holidays start to disappear doesn’t make you feel any better. Or, you’ve returned from a well-earned break, whatever the case if you’re suffering from the ‘job blues’ then, perhaps it’s time for a change.

Whether it’s striving for that promotion or changing jobs all together, it’s unlikely that your dream job will simply fall in your lap. It’s going to take some grunt work so here are some tips to help your out.

Work out your strengths and weaknesses

Throughout life, you’re going to build a range of skills but just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s what you should do. Eliminate money from the equation and make a list of what you’re good at as well as areas for improvement – then determine if you want to improve those areas. From here you’ll be left with a set of criteria to get you thinking outside the box.

Reflect on past experiences

Think about the types of tasks you did in past jobs. What did you enjoy? What did you dread? Once you’ve completed your list, you can outline the themes and key skills you want to focus on in your new job. These can become criteria that you can use when looking at job ads or to ask questions about in job interviews.

Consider your terms

Let’s be realistic, you might love the idea of working for yourself, but ultimately need the financial security of permanent work. Think about the terms you need from a job including type of work (permanent / contract), flexibility, hours and location, culture and environment.

When it comes to salary, it can be good to have three figures in your mind – an amount you’d love to earn, an amount you’d move jobs for and an amount that you’d walk away from. Establishing these numbers with yourself before getting too deep in the job search process can help you avoid getting distracted by money rather than finding a job you’ll love.

Keep your focus on what matters

If your values don’t align with the company’s values, it’s a good indicator you’re less likely to be happy in the long run. Think about what matters to you most, for example it could be autonomy, professional development or a sense of purpose. These values will evolve over time but the link between values and happiness will not!

Don’t hold back when imagining your future

As the famous saying goes, ‘carpe diem’ or seize the day! There’s no time like the present to make a positive life change. Think about what you would do if you couldn’t fail. Follow your curiosity and uncover your less obvious interests.

Changing jobs?

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