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Handling money in relationships

Unless you take an active approach to managing your finances as a couple, love and money can be an ‘oil and water’ mix. ME Bank discuss ways to handle money in relationships.

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Talking about money with your partner

Opening a joint back account? Saving for a home or moving in with your partner? Having a chat about money can help make it fair, transparent and drama-free. Here are some tips for starting the conversation with your special someone.

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How to be a super woman

You may have heard reports that Australian women are retiring with only half the average super balance of men. Many organisations have recommended policy changes to help close this super gender gap, but while we wait for policies to catch up, there are steps women (and in fact, anyone) can take to improve their retirement outcome.

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Money tips for your next trip

Is it finally time for a holiday? Travel money mistakes cost Aussie travellers almost $1 billion last year, but the key to avoiding travel money mistakes – and any other accidents that could get in the way of your holiday – is to be prepared. 

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Timesaving tricks

Who doesn’t want to clear their schedule and enjoy some me time? We’ve trawled the internet and asked around for people’s go-to timesaving tricks to help you get things done faster so you can smell the roses. 

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Kick start this financial year

Welcome to the new financial year! What better time than now to get your finances on track and feel in control of your financial future with our simple tips.

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Five free ways to get fit

Before you buy that expensive gym membership, why not try a few free alternatives first? We’ve put together five ways to get fit that won’t cost you a cent. 

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Ways to relax after a busy week

Has it been one of those weeks? No matter how busy you are, it’s important to find time to unwind and do things to help your body and mind relax. We’ve put together a few activities to try.

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