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The super reality for women

 On average, Australian women retire with about half as much super as men. Here are some steps you can take to help you retire more like a man.

In the report by the Senate Economics Committee - A husband is not a retirement plan - 19 recommendations were made which if implemented, would help narrow the gap between men and women’s super balances. The report found that the gender gap in superannuation can't be addressed by women alone.

“Australia's retirement income system does not adequately accommodate this difference. It structurally favours higher income earners who work full-time, without breaks, for the entirety of their working life. The women (and men) who do not fit this pattern of work face a significant handicap when saving for their retirement,” the report said.

Among the recommendations, were providing equal pay, offering women access to career development and leadership opportunities, and accommodating those who take time off work to care for others. While we wait for those changes, there are a few steps that women can take to improve their retirement outcome.


Understand your super

Visit our Super for Women page, for tips on how to help you take control of your financial future and actively manage your finances.

You can also contact our friendly Member Services consultants for general information about your benefits and options as a Vision Super member. 

Some other sources of information include SuperGuide, ASIC's MoneySmart website and ASFA's SuperGuru website.


Consolidate your super

Having more than one super account could be costing you thousands in unnecessary fees.

If you think you have lost track of some of your super, we can search for any extra accounts you may have and transfer them into one Vision Super account, all you need to do is fill in this short online form.

If you know that you have unnecessary super accounts, you can fill out this short transfer form and we’ll get your super rolled over into your Vision Super account.

Be sure to check if your other funds charge exit fees and how your insurance will be affected before you transfer your super to Vision Super.

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Contribute to your super

Contributing a little extra to your super can make a surprisingly big difference to your savings.

There are two ways to contribute extra to your super – salary sacrifice and after-tax contributions. Which one will work best for you depends on your income, you can find out about the different ways to grow your super here.


Check how your super is tracking

Don’t forget that you can log into Vision Online, our secure site for members to see your account at any time.

You can also use our Super Modeller, an interactive calculator to help you get an idea of how much retirement income you could expect based on your current situation, and how long your super balance might last you.


Get advice

As a member of Vision Super, you have access to a range of financial advice options that can help you achieve your financial goals and make better-informed decisions about your retirement.

You can call us for general information and advice, or meet one of our financial planners to develop an in-depth financial plan that is tailored to your situation.

After listening to your ideas, a Vision Super Financial Planner can help you plan for your current and future financial needs. Your first appointment will be free with absolutely no obligation.


Need help with any of these steps? Call us on 1300 300 820 or fill out our quick contact form.