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Timesaving tricks

Who doesn’t want to clear their schedule and enjoy some me time? We’ve trawled the internet and asked around for people’s go-to timesaving tricks to help you get things done faster so you can smell the roses. 


Automate your life

Try to get as many small tasks as possible to run without you even having to lift a finger. This could be setting up direct debit to pay your bills, or subscribing to services that deliver essential items to your door – such as razors or even toilet paper!


Plan your meals

Plan your meals and create a shopping list. If there are certain items that you always have on your list, save the list as a template on your phone and add to it as you need. Never be afraid to cook extra portions that can be frozen for a later date or eaten as lunch the next day.


Get laundry out of the way

Do your washing on the same day each week and develop a routine. It might mean ironing all your clothes for the week on a Sunday, and planning your outfits where you can.


The two minute rule

If something takes two minutes, just get it done immediately. Planning for it and remembering it later will just take unnecessary time. Thanks to Quora for this one.

It’s like folding the end of the sticky tape roll over when you’re done using it!


The four song rule

This one might not suit everyone’s morning ritual, but one Quora user suggests using songs to time your morning routine instead of the clock.

It can take you four songs to get ready in the morning - one song to have a shower, one song to brush your teeth, one song to get dressed, and one to pack your bag. You might want to add a couple of songs for breakfast and doing your hair though!


Keep temptation out of reach

When you’ve got something to get done, stop scrolling through your Instagram feed and put your phone in another room.


Use your alarm

Use it to tell you when to go to sleep, when to wake up, and when to leave the house.


Tidy every day

And never walk empty handed because something always needs to be put somewhere. Tidying and cleaning for 10 minutes every day can save you a day of housework on the weekend.


Learn cooking tricks

Do you know how to chop an onion properly? YouTube can teach you this and so much more! There are a surprising number of techniques out there that can save you cooking time.


Don’t be available all the time

Prioritise, delegate, and don’t say yes to everything!