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Ways to relax after a busy week

Has it been one of those weeks? No matter how busy you are, it’s important to find time to unwind and do things to help your body and mind relax. We’ve put together a few activities to try.


Take a hot shower or bath

Relax your muscles and distract your mind from stress with a hot shower or bath. A hot shower relieves tension, soothes stiff muscles and can even unblock a blocked nose if you’re so rundown you’ve picked up a bug.


Get into comfy clothes

Free your body of tight and uncomfortable work gear, and get yourself ready to relax with a quick outfit change. You’ll probably find it harder to get your mind off work if you’re still wearing the clothes you normally stress in.


Distract yourself from stress

Sometimes the best way to relax is to simply do what makes you happy, like watching television, reading a book, listening to music, exercising, or drawing a picture.


Turn off the tech

Phones - can’t live with them, can’t live without them.Try putting your phone in another room. Your Instagram and emails can wait for a couple of hours. Give yourself time to simply focus on yourself, your current surroundings, and not the entire world at your fingertips.




Evidence that meditation and mindfulness can improve our health is mounting. If you want to try it, consider downloading a mediation app to help you learn the process, or watching a video tutorial on YouTube. You can also try progressive muscle relaxation, which is a kind of meditation that focuses on relaxing muscles in your body, one by one.


Have a cuppa

Tea has been proven to relieve stress. In fact they even say the act of putting the kettle on is relaxing for some. Sit back with a warm, soothing brew and let it take you on a tropical island holiday.


Set the mood

Try creating a relaxing space for yourself with dim lighting and nice smells. Aromatherapy essential oils can help relieve stress, provide a better quality of sleep and calm our nervous systems.


Disclaimer: Your situation is unique. In changing your diet, fitness, training, supplement or health and wellbeing program, you should always consult your doctor. The information provided on this website is for educational purposes only and is not personal medical or health advice.