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Talking about money with your partner

Opening a joint back account? Saving for a home or moving in with your partner? Having a chat about money can help make it fair, transparent and drama-free. Here are some tips for starting the conversation with your special someone.


Make it positive

Don’t wait until you encounter a problem to talk about money. Talking about money while your financial situation is positive can help you avoid confrontation and negative emotions. Try to make money a topic that you discuss openly with each other.


Decide on your goals

Whether you’re saving to buy a house or a car together, planning on having a baby, or simply opening a joint bank account to pay the bills and cover household expenses - decide on your goal together. Work out how much money you need and when you need it.


Be honest and upfront

Is one of you a spender, while the other is a saver? Talk about your spending and saving attitudes so you don’t get any nasty surprises later. Consider setting limits for your individual spending and work out the best way for you to equally contribute to your shared money goal.


Sharing the responsibilities

If you are sharing your finances, talk about sharing financial responsibilities too. Financial guidance website, MoneySmart, suggests using both your names on bills and loans so you are equally responsible. You could also look at saving money with joint insurance policies.


Be careful and take care of yourself

MoneySmart also warns that you should be careful when sharing finances with your partner. You should be able to trust that your partner will be responsible for their half of the money if you want to share finances equally. Remember that a join loan doesn’t mean you only owe half the money, and know all the facts when signing documents or becoming a guarantor.


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