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voting 160We take our share ownership seriously and work actively with the companies in which we invest to improve the environmental, social and governance (ESG) choices they make. One of the ways we do this is to ensure that we actively participate in shareholder voting when the opportunity arises. As a shareholder, we are entitled to undertake proxy voting at shareholder meetings of all the Australian and international companies we have investments in. We believe it is important to fulfil the ownership obligations and rights that come with being a long-term shareholder. There are a number of factors we consider when making our voting choices:

Key reasons for voting choices

white bullet  Board accountability for recent decisions (boards must act in an ethical manner, follow the law, and not waste the resources trusted in their care)
white bullet  Regular audits undertaken by the company 
white bullet  A company’s latest financial statements 
white bullet  Changes to a company’s statues (the laws that internally regulate a company’s behaviour)
white bullet  Compensation given to Directors and shareholders (salaries and dividends received).


By actively engaging with companies on environmental, social and governance practices, we minimise risks for members, maximise returns, and build a better future for everyone.

Below you'll find details about how we've voted over the last financial year:

                         Australian equities International equities
Summary Statistics Summary Statistics
Australian voting summary year ending 30 June 2017-18 Australian voting statistics year ending 30 June 2017-18 International voting summary year ending 30 June 2017-18 International voting statistics year ending 30 June 2017-18


Transparency and reporting

Another way we encourage positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) behaviour is by being transparent in our investment reporting. By disclosing information about our responsible investment practices, we raise awareness about how we manage our members’ retirement savings and encourage others to act accordingly.

This includes annual reporting through our Corporate Responsibility Report and participation in sustainability benchmarking surveys, including the Asset Owners’ Disclosure Project, RIAA Responsible Investment Benchmark, and Infinity by SuperRatings.

Find out more about these reports on our sustainable super page

Sustainable super

Equally, we have adopted the PRI Reporting Framework Assessment to increase our responsible investment transparency and encourage others to do likewise.

What is the PRI?

Launched in 2006 as an independent body supported by the United Nations, PRI stands for the “Principles of Responsible investment”. This body encourages investors to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their investment decisions in a clear and public manner, to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns. This transparency is helpful for asset owners that are seeking to understand the progress that asset managers are making on integrating ESG across a company or within an asset class.

How much is invested?

PRI signatories have invested over 89 trillion US dollars in responsible investments in the 2017-18 financial year.

billion in assets under management

More detail on the PRI website >


What is the PRI Reporting Framework Assessment report?

The PRI Reporting Framework Assessment report enables signatories to the PRI to document their responsible investment activities, to help inspire proactive discussion between investors and their clients, beneficiaries and other stakeholders.


Vision Super’s PRI Reporting Framework Assessment results

A or A+ across all reporting categories!

For 2018, Vision Super performed well above average across all asset classes compared to the median score universe for its 2018 PRI Reporting Framework Assessment. For the Strategy and Governance module, which covers high-level implementation and application of responsible investment, Vision Super received an “A+” rating/score.

Following the indirect module, which covers the selection, appointment and monitoring of external managers, Vision super received seven “A+” scores on almost its entire asset class configurations, and an “A” rating/score for listed equity/active ownership and private equity externally managed asset class. Again, these scores outperformed the average scores of all PRI signatories.

Our transparency report on PRI's website


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