What is financial advice?

It isn't just about choosing products and investment options, but also looks at and helps you understand all aspects of your financial life, including:

  • Where you are now – your current situation
  • Where you want to be – identifying your goals
  • A plan of how to get there.

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Personal advice to help you make the most of retirement

We can help you live the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Vision Super financial planners know super inside out and can help you maximise your retirement savings and establish a regular income. If your circumstances change, we'll help you make sure your plan continues to work for you. 

Your Vision Super financial planner can help you:

  • Make the transition from work to retirement
  • Maximise your super
  • Choose a suitable investment option
  • Understand the Age Pension and other government benefits
  • Understand retirement income streams
  • Gift money to your children and grandchildren

How financial planning can help you


See the big picture

See the big picture

You and your financial planner will look at your current situation and identify what you'd like in the future.
Create a strategy

Create a strategy

Together, you’ll create a plan that gives you a balance between what you need today and what you want to achieve.
Stay on track

Stay on track

No matter how your circumstances change, we're available to work with you and help you get the most from your plan.
Maximise and prepare for your future

Maximise and prepare for your future

Careful planning and a long-term strategy can help you better prepare for your future and help you get the most from your super.
Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions

You are in control. We’ll help to explain your options and inform you about any costs or investment risks.
Manage changes

Manage changes

Your financial planner will help you effectively manage pay rises, bonuses and any other changes in your finances.


Meeting your financial planner


Before your first appointment

We’ll send you a questionnaire that will build a picture of your current financial situation and what you want to be in your future. You can fill it out before your first appointment, or you and your planner can work through it together. The main thing is that you think about what your financial goals are, such as growing your super, paying off a debt or planning for retirement.

Your first appointment

Get to know each other, let your planner get a clear idea of what you want. Ask your planner questions, and let them ask you questions too. There are no silly questions, ask anything you need to know. We’ve come up with a few to help you get started.

  • What can I do to improve my current financial situation?
  • How do I set up a regular pension payment from my super?
  • Am I eligible for the government Age Pension?
  • How much will financial advice cost?
  • What’s your background and experience in giving financial advice?
  • What are the possible risks of different strategies?

Your first appointment will probably take around 1-2 hours, and it’s free of charge.

After your first appointment

If you’ve chosen to go ahead with financial advice your financial planner will discuss the cost of the advice and the payment options. Once you have agreed on the fee for advice and payment option your financial planner will create a Statement of Advice (your financial plan).

You’ll then have a second appointment so your financial planner can present your Statement of Advice to you to make sure you understand it all and then discuss timeframes for implementing the advice.

Now you can put your plan into action! We’ll keep in touch, and you can call your financial planner along the way if you have questions or if you need your financial plan reviewed.

What will it cost?

We are required by law to charge for our financial planning service. Your first appointment is free and you’ll only be charged once you agree that you want a financial planner to issue you with a Statement of Advice. We’ll always let you know the exact cost before you commit to anything.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by clicking the button below or calling 1300 300 820.

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