Best Doctors

running womanBest Doctors can help you if you are dealing with an illness, or a chronic or serious condition.

Through your insurance, you and your family get access to Best Doctors which connects you with a network of 50,000 leading medical specialists from around the world. It offers a second opinion when you need it most, to make sure you received the right diagnosis and are on the best treatment plan. You can use Best Doctors at anytime, anywhere, as often as you need for no extra cost, and it’s completely confidential.

About Best Doctors

Founded by Harvard Medical School physicians in 1989, Best Doctors now has access to more than 50,000 leading international specialists, all of whom have been nominated by their peers as a leader in their field. (They cannot pay to be part of the selection; nor can they nominate themselves).

Best Doctors services

Doc Online

Get answers to your general medical questions from a panel of registered doctors in Australia

Find an expert

Find a local specialist that deals with your illness or condition

Ask the expert

Get answers from a leading international specialist to specific questions about a medical condition

Online library

Access to a host of online tools providing unique insights and guidance on hundreds of conditions

In-depth medical review

Get a full review and second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment plan from a leading international specialist

What’s the process?

When you call Best Doctors, you’ll be connected with one of their medical team who will work with you to understand your condition and what your concerns are. They’ll then collect your medical records, assign the most appropriate specialist from around the world and perform an in-depth review of your condition. You’ll then receive an easy to read expert report that outlines the expert findings on your diagnosis and treatment options.

Who is eligible?

You, your partner and your children

How do I start?

Call Best Doctors

1800 388 097 (within Australia only).

Register online

  1. Visit Ask Best Doctors
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Company/Insurer type in MLC.
  4. This will bring up a box titled Company product. Type in Vision Super.
  5. Then click Go to the next step.
  6. Complete your first name, last name, gender, email, phone, create a user name and password.
  7. Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll be able to log in and navigate around the site to see what’s available.
  8. Each time you revisit the site, simply log in.
If you have any questions about this process, you can call Best Doctors on 1800 388 097

How does Best Doctors work?

More information

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