How your enterprise agreement affects your employees’ insurance

The end of the financial year is fast approaching, and if your employees are getting (or have already received), an enterprise agreement raise, you can notify us of their change in salary so they can easily update their insurance cover.

Income protection (IP) cover within super is based on salary, so when an employee’s salary changes, they can update their level of cover. Since IP cover is based on a percentage of salary, your employees will get the most out of their IP claim, if they have a serious illness or injury, if their cover is up to date.

The reason it’s important to let Vision Super know is because IP insurance doesn’t automatically update as wages go up. But if an employer lets us know, once we’re aware of the salary increase, the employee has 60 days to increase their cover (if they choose to) without going through underwriting.  Cover with Vision Super is unit based, which means rather than a dollar amount of cover, members have a number of units of cover. Employees are limited to an additional three units of cover without underwriting when they get a pay increase. 

How does IP work?

If your employees need to claim on their IP insurance because they’re unable to work because of a serious illness, or an accident or injury, the amount paid out will be either 75% or 85% of their current salary at the time of the accident/injury, or the amount they’re covered for – whichever is lower.

This means if they update their IP insurance in line with their pay, they’ll get the maximum they’re entitled to, and we’ll be able to pay out up to 75% or 85% of their income (depending on their cover). Any amounts in excess of 75% of income (to a maximum of 10% of their income) must be paid as a superannuation contribution to their Vision Super Saver account. Please note, waiting periods will apply.

Do I pay premiums for my employees?

No, payments to cover the cost of insurance premiums are paid out of the employee’s superannuation account. Each employee will have a different level of insurance cover, so their premiums will be unique, and some may not have any cover at all.

So how do they do it?

Updating IP as a result of a salary change is simple, as long as the employee applies for the change within 60 days of the salary change. They will need to contact Vision Super for a form and attach a letter from the employer confirming the new salary and the date they were notified of the salary increase.

How is an employee’s IP insurance cover updated?

If an employee has changed their working status from casual to non-casual, please let us know.  If we do not receive this updated information on their work status, we are unable to offer them an entitlement to default IP.

Please remember, you can help an employee update their IP cover for a salary increase, by:

  • Giving the employee a letter on your letterhead confirming their new salary
  • Updating their details via the employer portal
  • Sending Vision Super a SAFF with the new details.

From there, the employee will need to fill out a form requesting an IP increase.

Employer portal

You can update your employee’s employment status by logging into our website as an employer at Please note that casual and non-casual are the only employment status codes that the Vision Super system recognises.

Or you can send us a file via the “send files to Vision Super” link.

SuperStream files and Superstream Alternative File Format (SAFF)

Whether you submit your SuperStream contribution files via a payroll provider, or do it yourself using the SAFF, Vision Super will automatically update an employee’s status when the file is received if the information differs from what we have on our system.


If it’s easier for you, just send us a note to let us know your employee’s status has changed – email [email protected]


If you have any questions, please call the employer hotline on 1300 304 947.

The nitty gritty

There are some exclusions where the employee is not able to increase their IP cover, such as if they already have 16 units of cover or have already had an automatic increase of three units this year. This means they’ll have to do some extra paperwork to increase insurance cover. If they’re unsure, they can always contact Vision Super for specific information about their account and cover.  Our Insurance Guide contains the main terms and conditions.


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