Our investment beliefs

The Board of Vision Super is guided by the following set of Investment Beliefs when decisions are made about the investment portfolio on behalf of members and sponsors. The Defined Benefit Plan and MySuper Option have tailored beliefs due to their specific circumstances. We also have a number of Investment Beliefs that are common to all options. The Board of Vision Super is committed to fostering healthy debate, a diversity of views and transparency within the context of these beliefs.

Whole of Fund

Whole of Fund

Belief 1
We believe that diversification is an important source of risk reduction. Asset class diversification is our major source of diversification.

Belief 2
We believe passive management (where available) is our default position for investing. Evidence is required to justify and engage in active management. The higher the cost of active management, the greater the level of conviction required.

Belief 3
We believe maximising net returns is more important than fees in their own right. We are fee conscious and we aim to capture benefits from our scale to achieve fee reductions on behalf of our members over time. We seek to achieve “value for money” for our fees bearing in mind market comparatives.

Belief 4
We believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and sustainability considerations are important within the context of optimising net long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Belief 5
We believe that managing money on behalf of other people requires us to have high standards of openness and transparency. We take this responsibility seriously and commit to being at the forefront of disclosure within our industry and to reviewing our internal practices regularly to ensure that they meet best practice standards.

Belief 6
We believe that we can capture additional returns from accessing the illiquidity risk premium and being a patient investor.

Belief 7
We believe that effective decision making is facilitated by appropriate delegation and reporting governance structures.

Belief 8
We believe markets are often inefficient and, therefore, additional risk adjusted returns can be generated through dynamic asset allocation (DAA).

Belief 9
We believe that complex strategies increase operational and investment risk and stronger conviction is required to justify such strategies.

Belief 10
We believe an appropriate timeframe for investment decisions to pay off is three to five years.

Defined Benefit Plan

Defined Benefit Plan

Belief 11
We believe that the investment risk taken should be governed by both return for risk considerations and the long term rate of return required to meet Plan liabilities.

My Super options

My Super options

Belief 11
We believe that real long-term returns to members are most important. However, we recognise that our members have choices and our returns relative to other MySuper options over rolling three years are important in a competitive landscape.


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