Prepare for retirement

There's no time to lose!

Your super may not be a top priority now, but you can't afford to neglect it.

Often your largest asset after owning your own home is your super, and this may provide a higher standard of living in retirement. As always, long term financial security is built up over a lifetime. Have you started yet?

Start with the basics

The first step in planning for a comfortable retirement is understanding:

  1.  How much super do I need?
  2.  How much super will I have at retirement?
  3.  What money will I live on in retirement?

You can get started by trying some of our helpful online tools and resources.

  • Try our calculators to see how much super you may end up with, how long your super may last, how extra contributions could make a difference, and a great deal more
  • Download and read our Retirement planning fact sheet.

A range of pension account options are available

If you are working:

  • Get work flexibility with the Non-commutable Allocated Pension The Non-commutable Allocated Pension (NCAP) is designed to help older Australians transition to retirement by allowing them to access some of their superannuation without having to retire.
  • Keep up super contributions to be eligible for government schemes and rebates including Government co-contributions.
  • Consider transition to retirement strategies. They allow you to grow your super while working fewer hours.

If you are not working:

  • Make the most of your super with the Vision Allocated Pension - an easy, low-cost option to provide yourself with a regular, tax-effective income. It is also generally much more tax effective than a bank account.
  • Sit down with a financial planner to discuss your super and how to achieve your desired retirement income.



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