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Managing your super with Vision Super is easy

We try and take the guess work out of your superannuation investments and administration, making it as easy and hassle free as we can.

Here are the most popular things you can do to get even more out of your account with us:

  1.  Access your personal account 24/7.  Access your super account via the web anywhere, anytime with Vision Online. Click on the member button on the top right of this page to login. Here you can:
  2. A. View your account balance

    B. Update your personal details

    C. Make changes to investments and beneficiaries

    D. Check your insurance cover

    E. View your transactions and contributions

  3.  Let us help you transfer and consolidate your super. We can help you find any extra super accounts you may have forgotten about. This happens frequently if you've had lots of jobs over your career. Simply complete our find your super form

    We can also help you rollover the accounts you already know about. Transfer extra super money from other accounts by completing our  online rollover form
  4.   Do you know about Investment Choice? To achieve greater flexibility and control of your investments, investigate all the investment choice options you have access to. You can easily switch online. Investigate all your available investment choice options here.
  5.  Stay with us when you move jobs. Government legislation allows you to stay with Vision Super when you switch jobs. You don't have to go anywhere. Find out more about how to stay with Vision Super.
  6.  Get access to personal financial advice. You may not know that all Vision Super members have access to financial advice. Call us on 03 9911 3222 or 1300 300 3222 if you’re calling from a regional area to find out more.

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