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The average Australian has more than one super account. Extra account fees could be eating into your super nest egg. Let us search for any extra accounts you may have and transfer them into one Vision Super account, to save on fees and paperwork.

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Please note: this free service is only available to Vision Super members.

While we will make every effort to find any super you may have, we cannot guarantee it. If we find any super accounts for you, we will inform you of the name of the fund that holds your super account and send you the forms you need to move it into your Vision Super account.

If you have any questions about rolling over your super, please contact our friendly Member Services team on 03 9911 3222 or 1300 300 820 if you’re calling from a regional area.

Things to think about

If you do decide to consolidate your super you need to consider:

Fees - when you withdraw funds from other super accounts you may incur exit or withdrawal fees.

Insurance - if you transfer your super you could lose your insurance cover.