Financial fitness at any age

Set savings goals

Every woman wants to be financially secure, and the key to this is setting and achieving savings goals.

Do you want to build a savings buffer? Or perhaps you need to put your children through school. Maybe you want to be financially secure during retirement. These are all achievable goals, but they won't happen on their own. Here's how to achieve financial fitness and security at any age.

3-Step Financial Fitness Plan

  1.  Organise your finances
    Organise your bills, registrations, policies and statements. Plan a budget to help you see where your money goes and choose where to spend it.
  2.  Save first, spend second
    Organise with your payroll department or bank to divert a percentage of your salary into your savings or super account before the rest hits your everyday expense account.
  3.  Review your insurance cover
    Make sure you protect your most valuable asset - your ability to earn an income.

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