Retire your way

Receive a regular income while continuing to invest and minimise your tax

Focus on doing the things you enjoy and love while feeling confident that your money is being managed profitably and ethically. There’s no one way to retire – and with Vision Super you have options, including accessing your super as you reduce your working hours, receiving a regular pension once you finish work.

Vision Super’s Pension products are issued by Vision Super Pty Ltd ABN 50 082 924 561 AFSL 225054. Before making a decision to invest in a Vision Super Pension, you should read the Vision Income Stream PDS accessible to you below. 

Transition to retirement

Not yet ready to fully retire

If you’re not ready to stop working all together and thinking of reducing the hours you work our transition to retirement pension, which is a Non-commutable pension, may be the product for you. The beauty of this pension is you can retire at your own pace. While you keep working and receiving employer Super Guarantee (SG) contributions you can also move across some of your super savings into the Non-allocated pension and access it as an income stream. This means that your super balance can continue to grow through this period. At the same time, you’ll receive income payments (subject to government limits), transferred directly to your bank account. Need more information, you can download and read the Income Stream PDS

Three bucket pension

Ready to fully retire

Our Three Bucket Pension is a Vision Super retirement pension that helps take the guess work out of investing your super and helps you control how long your savings last with a three bucket investment strategy. Basically, it’s where your money is divided into three different buckets – short, medium, and long-term – to leverage the positive relationship between risk and return. If you choose this investment strategy, your investment is put into three investment options (Cash, Conservative and Growth) in proportions that are determined by the annual income you set. The goal of the strategy is to provide you with income while also helping to manage the risk of you outliving your money. More information on how this strategy work is outlined in the Income Streams PDS.

Account based pension

Ready to fully retire

Opening a Vision Super retirement pension will let you convert your super into flexible, low-cost, regular, tax-effective income stream all while keeping your super invested. It is smart way to retire and helps insure sure you’re making the most of your savings. Joining is easy, you need $10,000 and either reached preservation age and be retired, or retired through total and permanent disability or be aged 65 or over. Need more information, you can download and read the Income Stream PDS.

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