Changing jobs

Take us with you when you start your next job.

There's no need to break up with us when you get a new job! In fact, maintaining just one super fund is much better for your long-term savings, and it's super easy to take us with you.

How to nominate us as your super fund

When you get a new job, you usually have the choice to nominate your preferred super fund, rather than letting your new employer choose it for you. When you start in, just ask your employer whether you can choose your own fund –  most of the time, this will be fine.

It’s then pretty straight forward. They’ll just need some information from us so that they know where to pay your super.

We have a ready-made choice of fund form that includes all the information your employer needs. You just need to fill in your details.

Create a personalised choice form online

If you like to do things online, head to our online Vision Super choice of fund form and email it to your new payroll person.

Get the printed form

If you or your employer prefers a printed form, you can download, print and fill out our form, then hand it to your new payroll person.

Form for Vision Personal

If you’re a Vision Personal member, there’s a special form for you.

Award winning, low cost super​

If your changing jobs, consider Vision Personal’s low cost sustainable option*

*as rated by SuperRatings based on administration and investment fees charged as at 31 March 2021 for personal superannuation products invested in ‘sustainable balanced’ investment options in super funds analysed by SuperRatings in their sustainable survey. This information is subject to change..

We're here to help

You might find the answer to your question in the FAQ below. If you don’t find it there, you can call our Member Services hotline on 1300 300 820. Or complete the quick contact form and one of our team will contact you within the next two business days. 

Frequently asked questions

It depends how your details have been changed. The most common request is changing a surname due to marriage, which you can do with a certified copy of your marriage certificate, and a Vision Super “Change of Personal Details form” found here: view form

If you have changed your name another way, we recommend you contact us first on 1300 300 820 so we can outline what documents we need to change your details without issue.

If you want to change your address, you can do this by logging onto the secure member portal online, or calling our Member Services team on 1300 300 820.

You can check your balance 24/7 via Vision Online, our secure member secure site, or via the Vision Super app for mobile devices. You can also contact our Member Services on 1300 300 820 or by emailing us on [email protected]

Here’s how it works. You may be able to receive a tax-free contribution from the Government when you make a non-concessional (after-tax) contribution to your super account.  The maximum entitlement that can be received is $500 where your total income is $41,112 or less in the 2021/22 year. This reduces on a sliding scale and cuts out if your total income is above $56,112 in the 2021/22 year.

This is, of course, provided you satisfy work, income and age tests.

Please note that the income threshold test for the co-contribution is your total income, which is calculated as follows:

Total income (assessable income + reportable fringe benefits + reportable employer super contributions – allowable business deductions).

In very basic terms, ‘salary sacrificing’, or ‘salary packaging’ means using some of your before-tax salary to pay for something. In superannuation terms, it is usually an arrangement between you and your employer to contribute some of your before-tax salary into your superannuation account.

In the 2021/2022 financial year, the maximum that can be contributed as before-tax payments is $27,500, this includes your employer SG payments of 10%.

Please note that any after-tax contributions made, where you obtain a tax deduction, are included in this contribution limit.

If you’re contributing by BPAY, it can take Vision Super up to two business days to receive your contribution, then up to three business days to process, although most are done the same day they are received. This will depend upon your financial institution’s processing times.

If you’re contributing by cheque, you will need to allow enough time for your chosen postage method to reach us. Once it has arrived, it can take up to five working days to process.

We can also process contributions by EFT, however, this may take up to three business days.

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Already a Vision Super member?

The great news is you can now open your pension account online through the secure site.

Not a Vision Super member?

You’ll just need to open a Vision Personal account first and then you can transfer across to a Vision Super pension.