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Investment update April – Labour market recovery

The Australian labour market has been significantly affected by COVID-19 and the subsequent policies that have been used to help businesses and households.

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The importance of diversification

The COVID-19 health emergency has already taken a terrible toll around the globe, with the impact on the economy significant. Many are out of work, and with falling financial markets...

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The value of insurance

Ever wonder how your family would cope if the unthinkable was to happen? How would you keep your independence, or protect your family. How would you keep your independence, or protect your family if you weren’t able to work?

General  |  3 min

What income can I expect in retirement?

We often hear that we’ll need a million dollars in super before we’re able to think about retiring comfortably. And while it’s a lovely round number, it can also be completely wrong. Find out more.

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What is burnout?

Not surprisingly, the resulting burnout after a year of ongoing, and seemingly never-ending, COVID challenges was swift. Some of us experienced mental burnout, pandemic burnout, and work burnout, sometimes at once!

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Investment Update EOQ March 2021

The investment environment in the first quarter of 2021 was favourable, with the Balanced Growth Investment Option returning 3.15% and the Pension Balanced Growth option returning 3.58%.

General  |  3 min

Grow your super

Recent changes to superannuation mean you can now add more into your super without hitting the ‘concessional cap’. Find out more.

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Leadership in a time of climate change

When Vision Super is investing for our members’ retirements it’s essential that we take a long-term view. Climate change is one of the biggest risks we consider because it will have a massive impact right across the economy, and the actions we take now will have a positive effect later.

General  |  2 min

Centrelink schedules: how we communicate with Centrelink

All your questions about what a Centrelink Schedule is, and where to find it answered.

Investments | 10 min watch

Investment update 20 May 2020

Hear from Chestor Ntonifer from BCA Research and Vision Super's CIO, Michael Wyrsch about the latest market movements.

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