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Enjoy retirement without worrying where your money is coming from.

We have low cost, flexible income streams that help your savings last longer no matter what your circumstances. They are designed to help your money go the distance even if you are still working part time.

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Non-commutable Account based pension

A Non-commutable Account based pension works alongside your current super account.

If you'd like to ease into retirement by reducing the hours you work in the lead up to retirement, our Non-communtable Account based pension is the product for you. Since you’re still working it works alongside your current super account because your employer will still make SG contributions into it, this also means your super balance will continue to grow. At the same time, you’ll receive income payments, transferred directly to your bank account. If you've reached preservation age, a 15% tax offset is available to reduce the amount of tax you pay. Even better if you’re aged 60 or over because your pension income is tax free.

Joining is easy and there is no joining fee, withdrawal fee, exit fee, investment switch fee, adviser fee, performance fees or commissions (buy/sell spreads and other investment fees may apply). All you will need is a minimum $10,000 to open your new pension account and must have reached your preservation age.

There is a 0.35% account keeping fee. If your account balance is above $300,000, your administration fee is capped at a balance of $300,000 (maximum of $1,050), (buy/sell spreads and other investment fees may apply).

Vision super also make it easy to manage your investment choice with a wide range of investment options. And if you die there is no loss of unused capital if you die. Unused capital will be paid to your nominated beneficiary (subject to the fund Trustee’s discretion).


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