2023 Annual Member Meeting

Vision Super held our annual member meeting (AMM) on Thursday 30 November where our Chair, CEO, CIO, Board members and senior executives discussed fund highlights for the year and answered member questions.

Additional information

  • Original Annual Member Meeting 2023 invite emailed or posted to members.
  • Download and read the 2023 Annual Member Meeting minutes here
  • Summary of each significant event or material change notice given to members over the two year period ending 30 June 2023 is available here
  • Details of our executive officer remuneration is available here.
  • Our annual report for the 2022/23 Financial year can be downloaded here.
  • Our latest written annual determination of the manner in which members’ financial interests have been promoted in relation to our product/s is available here.
  • Details of the promotion, marketing or sponsorship expenditures relating to Vision Super and details of any payments made by or on behalf of Vision Super to any industrial bodies and related parties for the 2022/23 Financial year can be downloaded here.
  • The most recent annual periodic statement and information that was provided to you (assuming you’ve been a Vision Super member for the relevant period), previous statements and general correspondence can be found under the “Accounts” tab when you have logged into your on-line account.