Choose who your super goes to

Beneficiary rules

When you die, your super plus any insurance payment (if you had insurance through Vision Super) makes up your super death benefit. Special rules control how the Trustee can distribute this benefit.

You can choose who this benefit goes to, or you can tell us who you’d prefer the benefit goes to. The people you choose are called your beneficiaries, and they have to be your dependents, or your legal personal representative (usually the executor of your will).

Binding death benefit nomination

If you make a valid binding death benefit nomination, we have to distribute your benefit to your dependants according to your wishes. You cannot make a binding nomination online – we have to receive the original signed form, and you need to update the nomination every three years so it remains valid.

If you want your death benefit to go to someone who is not your dependent, you can nominate your legal personal representative as your beneficiary and leave that person money in your will. Estate planning can be a complex matter, and we recommend seeking legal advice if you wish to take this option.

To make, change, update or revoke your binding nomination, please complete the Beneficiary nomination form and return it to us by post.

Preferred beneficiaries

Using Vision Online is the quickest way to nominate your preferred beneficiaries. Nominating your beneficiaries assists us to understand how you would like any death benefit entitlement distributed to your dependants if you die. A preferred beneficiary nomination indicates your preference, but is not binding on the Trustee – they can still decide to distribute your death benefit differently.

If you prefer, you can also make or change a non-binding nomination by completing and sending us the Beneficiary nomination form.

For more detail about beneficiaries and how to nominate them, read our beneficiaries fact sheet.


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