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August was another good month for share markets, continuing the strong recovery from the pandemic-induced sell-off in February and March. Global equities have seen a particularly strong recovery.

A lot of questions race through your mind when you’re dealing with a physical or mental health condition. But knowing exactly what you’re dealing with – and getting advice from leading specialists – can give you and your treating doctor a clear way forward.

Superannuation guarantee, or SG, is the amount your employer has to pay into your super fund on your behalf. The purpose of super is to provide income in retirement to substitute or supplement the government age pension, so the rate of the SG should be set at a level that will provide enough income to provide a comfortable retirement for most Australians.

Strong long-term performance and low fees are two of the most important features  you should look for in a super fund – over a lifetime of saving, good performance and  low fees can add up to a better retirement. 

Strong 2020 results

Despite the difficult market conditions, Vision Super has delivered strong results. Our pension option was the number one performing option in the country, and our default Balanced growth option (where most of our members are invested) had a modest positive return of 1.96% for the year ending 30 June 2020.

August 2020

Is cash a safe and steady investment?

In times of uncertainty many people want to play it safe, and cash is most often than not the default. So, when it comes to investing super for those people who want a less aggressive asset allocation in exchange for more stability and security, the cash investment option is a suitable option.

You may have seen media reports that superannuation returns were negative for the year – I’m pleased to be able to report that this isn’t the case for Vision Super, and that our default Balanced growth option had a modest positive return of 1.96% (and 2.22% in our pension plans) for the year ending 30 June 2020.

It seems like most of the world has been turned upside-down this year. The COVID pandemic has hit hard and made it incredibly difficult to continue operating as normal, but through the noise, Australians have made positive changes and learnt to slow down. There’s greater support for our small local businesses, we make taking care of the most vulnerable an urgent priority, and we’ve started to check in on our loved ones more than ever before.

Ever wonder how your family would cope if the unthinkable was to happen? How would you keep your independence, or protect your family if you weren’t able to work?

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